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I am an author/illustrator living in North Palm Beach, Florida.  I've had a longstanding career as an Official Court Reporter in Connecticut and now West Palm Beach, FL.   To date, I have written and illustrated four children's books, a young reader's novella and three 120-page comic books, to be published.  (Stay tuned.)  I have ideas for more in my creative hopper but thought it time to shine some light on these personal projects and let them loose for those who may be interested and I hope will ultimately enjoy and come back for more.   I explain more about my intentions in the mission statement below.   Please read on if you are indeed interested!   Susan Erickson Catucci

The ABCs of Happy - Cover_edited.jpg
The ABCs of Happy - Cover_edited.jpg


I recently watched the documentary "American Tragedy" about  the mother of one of the Columbine High School shooters, a courageous account of a parent's anguish for not having read signs in her son of such a destructive nature, and the notion that her love and attention was not enough to keep her son from committing such devastating acts, something she'd never imagined possible.  The documentary then spent time exploring the idea of addressing mental health concerns in young children beginning as early as Kindergarten and preschool.



What if, along with fundamental education, school programs included mental well being and mindfulness in their curriculum?  It occurred to me then that my most recent work is tailored to empowering children with positive options for handling life's challenges, problem-solving, knowing when and how to ask for help, and how our choices and outlook can help our lives and those of others around us be more rich and fulfilling.  I think this is an important and extremely worthwhile early investment in people.


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